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Kendall’s snapchat story+ poine

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@liliawesome123: I dropped my hat 😱✋🐯


@liliawesome123: I dropped my hat 😱✋🐯

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sorry but Gia made one joke (not even, she just agreed with Abby) about Mackenzie and everyone’s like “oh she’s not sweet anymore” “I don’t like her anymore” but Christi has made endless insulting jokes (saying homeschooled kids can’t count, this was specifically about SOPHIA LUCIA), implied disgusting stuff about the cast (Melissa is a whore, Maddie only wants to win and she is a show off, Kelly and Paige are jealous of Chloe etc), made fun of fat people, said Payton looked like a drag queen and so many more things but everyone fucking loves her and defends her. Gianna makes one joke and everyone hates her ughhhhhh

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Everything we wanted is ours for the asking, ceilings are ascending where they were collapsing.

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the moms prerogative this week seems to be: lets get mad at abby for comparing our kids to maddie but draw more attention to it by having a board and insult the other little girl in the process because that’s the right way to handle the situation

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Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak {insp.}

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Dance Moms: Favorite moments. 1/? Maddie and Melissa before Maddie performed “Angel” for her Bobcha.

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i start at the front of the line~ 

but seriously, hip hop is not my thing so yes, i know, they’re all a thousand times better than i am LOL. & they’ve been doing this routine all year, i only learned it for recital